Mobley Lab

The protein 2VUW

I am currently doing research with the Mobley Lab, a lab which applies computational and theoretical chemistry methods to understand and predict biological processes and thus enhance industrial applications like drug discovery. Within the lab, I am working with Dr. David Mobley and Jessica Maat on improving the parametrization of impropers in smirnoff99frosst. smirnoff99frosst is a molecular dynamics force field developed by the Open Force Field Initiative, an organization which includes the Mobley Lab. I am also working on MOVES, a Slack app that uses 3dmol.js to enable users to view molecules in Slack.

Mall Security Robots

Under the mentorship of Dr. Caesar Sereseres, I have worked on an independent research project entitled Implications of Mall Security Robots on the Privacy of Shoppers. In the project, I analyzed the privacy implications of using security robots like Knightscope’s K5 to carry out security tasks in malls. This included looking at how reasonable expectations of privacy applied to these robots, as well as how the robots maintained data privacy.